These are just a few of the comments made by our loyal customers

It is remarkable that a damaged car can be repaired to look like new again. Longstreet Auto Body is the place to go for professional work!    (Jean Newhouse)


The paint job on my 1998 truck is better than the factory job!   (Edward Kuzma)


More Businesses should be run like Longstreet Auto Body. They all give the customer their very best!     (Erin Mullins)


I am a repeat customer of Longstreet Auto body and will continue to be. The staff has been great every time and they work to exceed a customers expectations. Another job well done. "THANKS EVERYONE"     (Mark Byrne)


My Car looks like it came right off the showroom floor!     (Martha Venke)


Great idea to have the insurance company and body combine all their expertise. It eliminates a lot of the unneeded steps by the customer!    (John Brosovich)


I was taken care of in a very nice manner. Mark took me home and picked me up to get my car!    (Margery Goodman)


 I would highly recommend Longstreet Auto Body to anyone unfortunate enough to need a body shop. "THEY ARE THE BEST"!      (Lisa Berg)


 Everything Great!     (Vincent Johnson)


  "Thank You" Very much!     (Carol Miller)


Job well done,  Good People!     (Robert Rice)


Very Satisfactory Experience!     (Barbara Davidson)


We were extremely pleased with these repairs and previous repairs to our other cars!    (Marcia Buckman)


I wish your ratings went to 10, because Longstreet Auto Body is a "PERFECT 10" in all aspects!    (Asifa Tesfa)


The work performed by Longstreet Auto Body was very commendable!
(Alecia Scott)


I was very pleased with the quality of work and in receiving my car in spotless condition both inside and out!     (Judith Burkovics)


Every time I have to get any type of repairs done to my vehicle, Longstreet Auto Body is the only place I will bring my vehicle!    (Tammy Spallon)


I have sung your praises. I was very satisfied   (Nelson Cox)


"EXCELLENT VALUE"     (William Liltell)


The whole experience went smoothly. Jeff and Mark were very professional and expedited the service!    (Terri Gordon)


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